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Welcome to CLEARPATH. Regardless of how you got here, it is no accident. My name is John Walley, and I founded Clearpath in 2009 for one purpose, and that is to set people free.

In 2004 my family, like so many families in the United States, was facing the challenges associated with a troubled teen. Our home was upside down. My wife and I were under tremendous stress balancing work, home, four children and addressing our son’s challenges. We had nowhere to turn, and every option seemed like a dead end. It was then that my wife and I discovered “coaching.”

The next two years were like a rebirth for our family. After some initial training for us and our children, we started seeing the world differently. We became intentional, non-reactive, and solid in our relationship. We started talking about things entirely different from those around us. We learned to communicate in powerful ways. We learned how to live a guilt-free, stress-free, rewarding life on our terms. We got to create everything based on our family’s qualities, values, strengths, and weaknesses. At that moment I fell in love with the “Coaching Approach.”

The training my family received cost tens of thousands of dollars and the more blessed we became, the more evident it was that I needed to share what I learned with the world and with those who could never afford the education that we received. Clearpath was born to serve people just like you.

Products and Services

Clearpath is a small coaching and consulting company that consists of my wife (Kendall) and I. We do one thing, provides a combination of coaching and consulting into one solution.

While all we do is coaching it often looks many different ways. For example, I do a lot of outdoors hiking and backpacking to clear my head, and we offer many free overnight trips as a part of our meet up group. These hikes provide a time for family, friends, clients, and strangers to stop, escape the noise, decompress, and get some exercise.

Our services consist of indoor and outdoor coaching activities, group coaching events and one on one coaching. We carry a large variety of products that can help facilitate learning and self-awareness such as DiSC® Profiles, Learning styles, and much more.

Services include:

Family Coaching
Marriage and Relationship Coaching
Career Coaching
Life Coaching
Business Coaching
Young Adult Coaching (People transitioning from Highschool to College)


Everything DiSC® Workplace Profile
Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders Profile
Everything DiSC® Management Profile
Everything DiSC® Sales Profile
Everything DiSC® 363 Review Profile

About our Founder


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