The Growth Equation

With over 20 years in the coaching and consulting field, ClearPath’s founder has developed a system that drives intended results. This process is called the Growth Equation. How many times have consultants come in, developed a plan, delivered a product, left you with mounds of papers, only for you to realize you can’t manage or implement the solution without their help? This leaves you, as the client, at the mercy of the consultant.

ClearPaths Growth Equation solves this problem. This simple equation drives your intended lasting results with a tangible return on investment. Many companies pride themselves on their ability to produce results.  Others pride themselves on quality. However, we excel where our competitors fall short. We create high impact, high return, quality results that are repeatable without our presence. It is our job to make it so you no longer need us. This isn’t possible unless we build processes, products, and systems that leverage and build upon your strengths and differentiators, instead of trying to patch weaknesses.

At Clearpath we are not content with just giving a fish or even teaching someone how to fish. We will not rest until we have revolutionized the fishing industry.


Our services are broken into several areas and while these may look very different they all have a core purpose, to provide life changing results for our clients.

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